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Trees are important parts of the landscape and need proper care in order to thrive. They provide benefits like shade, temperature control, and soil protection. But caring for your trees takes a little more than just trimming low-hanging branches. Learn more about tree care basics here. For more information, contact the professionals at Sustainable Tree Care Services.

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“I live in the Jungle area of St Petersburg for a reason: beautiful, old Live Oaks are an integral part of our neighborhood. Since I am passionate about my trees, there are three things that really matter to me: 1) quality of tree care, 2) value for price, 3) safety of the workers and protection of my property. Taking care of my trees for over 20 years now, I’ve never seen the quality of tree care services such as provided by Sustainable Tree Care. When the pruning was complete, the trees looked lighter, brighter and healthier than ever before. Upon close examination, it was interesting to see the most minute of adjustments made in many places…it is as if each twig were examined individually for it’s contribution to the overall appearance of the tree! Just beautiful work, so much so that my neighbor decided to use them as well. And the price was the same as what everyone else was charging, so I felt I received extra value for my dollars. Finally, the crew was wonderful. They were extremely well-qualified, polite, and well-kept individuals. And they clearly knew what they were doing, executing quickly and efficiently, and (drum roll) thoroughly cleaning up after themselves! I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend their arborist services.”

Lisa M.

“Everyone was very professional. They did what they said they were going to do when they said were going to do it. Very reasonably priced. Courteous and respectful.”

Jessica V.

“I hired Sustainable Tree Care for a full yard cleanup which included removing the deadwood from five large oaks on the property. The crew was amazing. They were totally professional, careful and respectful of my property. The job they did exceeded my expectations. I have never had a tree company provide the agreed to service on the written contract. This company made sure not only that the work was done, but that it was done to my total satisfaction. I will definitely use them for all my future tree work needs.”

Susan S.

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