Why Sustainability Matters

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In ecology, sustainability refers to the ability of biological systems to remain diverse and productive for an extended period of time. Because trees are the earth’s longest living organisms, providing sustainable care is very important. Without this attention to ecological impact, many tree care providers are cutting short the lives of trees and compromising the systems that depend on them. Practices like topping and using chemical sprays and fertilizers are damaging to both the trees and the other plants around them. Never use a tree company that does not use sustainable or eco-friendly products and techniques.

Sustainable tree care is about doing the right thing for the trees and the environment. At Sustainable Tree Care, we use organic, environmentally friendly products and practices whenever possible. This includes:

  • Biodegradable and organic insecticides
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Organic disease treatments
  • Careful pruning to improve health and structure
  • Non-invasive tree and debris removal
  • Recycling all trimmings for mulch
  • Tracking and monitoring tree progress
  • Recycling machine and saw parts
  • Efficient machinery transportation