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Tree Facts

Trees are some of the most important organisms on Earth. They live long lives, clean the air, reduce noise pollution, clean groundwater, prevent erosion, and much more. Learn more about these amazing organisms with our tree facts.

  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, keeping our air fresh
    and healthy.
  • Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen annually to support a family of four.
  • Trees can cool the air temperature by releasing the water in their leaves.
  • Roots from trees prevent erosion by stabilizing the soil around them.
  • By filtering rain water and protecting aquifers and watersheds, trees improve water quality.
  • One tree can absorb as much carbon in a year as a car produces while driving 26,000 miles.
  • Planting shade trees can make buildings up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer.
  • Trees protect you and your property from damage due to sleet and hail.
  • Wildlife count on trees for food and shelter.
  • One 70-year old tree removes over three tons of carbon from the atmosphere in its lifetime.
  • Trees are the longest living organisms on earth, with some living thousands of years!
  • The 236 ft tall Ada Tree in Australia is 50 ft around and a root system that takes up more than an acre.
  • The world's tallest tree is a coast redwood in California, measuring more than 360 ft or 110 m.
  • The world's oldest trees are 4,600 year old Bristlecone pines in the USA.
  • Examining the rings of a tree can provide information about environmental events including volcanic eruptions.
  • Shade and wind buffering provided by trees located near building reduces annual heating and cooling costs by approximately 2.1 billion dollars.
  • In metropolitan areas, the average tree only survives about 8 years!
  • Trees provide a natural, beautiful sound barrier to cut down on noise pollution.

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